Governor Phil Scott Appoints 122 Vermonters to State Boards and Commissions

02 September 2022

Montpelier, Vt. – Governor Phil Scott today announced he’s appointed 122 Vermonters to State boards and commissions since July.

Boards and commissions serve an important role in state government, giving Vermonters numerous opportunities to serve their communities. The Governor’s office is currently soliciting applications to fill vacancies and upcoming term expirations. All those interested in serving on a board or commission should visit the Governor’s website to apply.

Appointments made by the Governor in July and August, 2022,  are listed below:

State Board of Health

  • Michael McShane, Montpelier

Recreation Facilities Grant Committee 

  • Mark Delaney, Jeffersonville

Vermont Economic Development Authority

  • Thomas Gallagher, St. Albans

Connecticut River Valley Flood Control Commission

  • Evan Hammond , Lunenburg

Animal Cruelty Investigation Board        

  • Erika Holm, Montpelier

Children & Family Council for Prevention Programs

  • Christopher Lukasik, Brattleboro
  • Matt Wolf, East Montpelier
  • Rachel Larsen, Burlington
  • Kirsten Kersey, White River Junction

State Program Standing Committee for Adult Mental Health

  • Daniel Towle, Montpelier
  • Robert Dyer, Burlington

State Program Standing Committee for Child, Adolescent, and Family Mental Health

  • Joe Brusatto, Milton

State Workforce Development Board

  • Corey Mathieu, Westford

District #3 Environmental Commission 

  • Kevin Marshia, Chair, Chelsea
  • Suzanne Butterfield, Gaysville
  • Marvin Harvey, Rochester
  • Anne Margolis, Corinth

District #8 Environmental Commission

  • Rick Kobik, Chair, Shaftsbury
  • Michael McDonough, Bennington
  • Jon Hale, Bennington
  • Leslie Keefe, Manchester Center

District #9 Environmental Commission

  • Susan Shashock, East Middlebury

Green Mountain Care Board      

  • Jessica Holmes, Interim Chair, Cornwall

Transportation Board    

  • Mark Nicholson, Barre

Sunset Advisory Commission

  • Tracy Ennis, Graniteville

Vermont Housing Finance Agency

  • Marie Milord-Ajanma, Waterbury
  • Fred Baser, Bristol
  • Jeanne Morrissey, Richmond
  • Thomas Leavitt, Waterbury

Current Use Advisory Board       

  • Walter Hastings, South Royalton
  • Gail Fallar, Tinmouth
  • Harold Howrigan, Sheldon
  • Ted Foster, New Haven
  • Josh Lagerquist, Montpelier
  • Michael Hogan, Marshfield

Capitol Complex Commission   

  • John Hollar, Montpelier
  • Jireh Billings, Bridgewater

Victims Compensation Board    

  • Robert "Bob" Paolini, Waterbury
  • Susan Ide, Richmond

Capital Debt Affordability Advisory Committee

  • David Coates, Colchester

Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs

  • Jeff Benay, Fairfax
  • Melody Walker Mackin, Barre
  • Jon Bosley, Morrisville
  • Deborah Reger, Corinth

State Emergency Response Commission              

  • Kate Hammond, Colchester

State Board of Education

  • Amera Severtson, Barre

Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educators

  • Katie Revelle, Burlington
  • William Lucci, Rutland
  • Kate Fay, Richmond
  • Bernie Cleland, East Montpelier

State Police Advisory Commission

  • June Heston, Richmond

Board of Land Surveyors

  • Evelyn Wetzel, Jericho
  • John Diebold, Randolph

Clinical and Utilization Review Board

  • Matthew Siket, Charlotte

Access Board    

  • John DeWolfe, Brookfield

Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

  • Bryan Rivard, Jericho
  • Janet Franz, Shelburne

Advisory Council on Special Education

  • Alison Amidon, Putney
  • Lisa C. Johnson, Bennington
  • Dawn M. Campbell, Bennington

Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel

  • Bob Leach, Brattleboro

Vermont Housing Council           

  • Heather Starzynski         
  • Kathy Beyer, Hinesburg
  • Chris Snyder, Shelburne
  • Rachel Batterson, Huntington

Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council    

  • Kaitlyn Daly, Danby
  • Jonathan Gardner, Groton
  • Michelle John, St. Johnsbury
  • Theodore Looby, Burlington

Board of Medical Practice           

  • Richard Clattenburg, Perkinsville
  • David Liebow, Townshend
  • Sarah McLain, Lincoln
  • Christine Payne, Peacham
  • Marga Sproul, Burlington

State Veterinary Board 

  • Bryan Harnett, Jericho
  • Mary O'Donovan, Addison
  • Lori Stroutsos, Montpelier

Board of Chiropractic    

  • Charles Foster, Brandon

Board of Allied Mental Health Practitioners       

  • Marj Trombly, Barre
  • Christopher M. Berry, Charlestown
  • Lisa Elowson, Williston

Connecticut River Valley Flood Control Commission

  • John Arrison, Ascutney

Human Services Board 

  • Katie Aiken, Bennington

Fish and Wildlife Board

  • Allison Frazier, Richmond

State Infrastructure Bank Board

  • Al Flory, Barre
  • Peter Hood, Middlesex
  • Fred Bullock, Bellows Falls

Board of Pharmacy        

  • Michael Carroll, Rutland
  • Wendy Magee, Moretown

Endangered Species Committee

  • Matt Peters, East Calais
  • Carla Fenner, Burlington
  • Bryan Pfeiffer, Montpelier

Oversight Commission on Children, Youth, and Families              

  • Laura Schaller, Barre
  • Stephen Dale, Montpelier

Justices of the Peace

  • Robin French, Brownsville
  • Leonora Dodge, Essex
  • Golrang "Rey" Garofano, Essex
  • Brian Hsiang, Essex
  • Erik Post, Essex
  • Alexis Dubief, Essex
  • Georgia Lavigne, Essex
  • Bruce Post, Essex
  • Deborah Billado, Essex Junction
  • Jason Maulucci, Essex Junction
  • Seth "Adam" Manely, Essex Junction
  • Brian Christie, Essex Junction
  • Katherine Stebbins, Essex Junction
  • Diane Clemens, Essex Junction
  • Bernard (Bernie) Couture, Essex Junction
  • Dylan Giambatista, Essex Junction
  • Pat Murray, Essex Junction
  • Kelly Adams, Essex Junction
  • Rajan Chawla, Essex Junction
  • Ryan McLaren, Essex Junction
  • Marcus Certa, Essex Junction
  • Scott Moore, Essex Junction
  • Robyn Moore, Essex Junction    
  • Laura Chapman, Putney
  • Joseph Baker, Ferrisburgh
  • Annette "Sugie" West, Rochester
  • Margaret "Peggy" Darrow, Vershire
  • Jonathan Boswell, Bondville


Note: Prior to the pandemic, boards and commissions appointments were released approximately every other month. That practice will be resumed, beginning with this release.

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