Governor Scott’s Transformational Investments for American Rescue Plan Funds

Vision and Principles

With the passage of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) in 2021, Vermont received $2.7 billion dollars of aid, offering the state an unprecedented opportunity to strengthen our economy and communities. More than half of these dollars were directly appropriated to federal agencies, individuals, local governments, education institutions, and others, leaving approximately $1 billion for the state to expend over the next four years.

Governor Scott has proposed strategically investing this $1 billion in one-time federal money in transformative projects and initiatives to address long-standing challenges and unaddressed needs, putting communities across the state on a path for recovery and setting course for a stronger economic future in every region.

The Governor’s proposals are transformative, tangible, transparent and timely – principles that ensure Vermonters see the maximum benefit from every dollar invested.

Under this vision, the Governor has worked to invest the full $1 billion in five strategic categories:

  • Housing
  • Broadband and wireless connectivity
  • Climate change mitigation measures
  • Water, sewer and wastewater infrastructure
  • Economic development and recovery

Governor Scott's 2021 ARPA Proposal

In 2021 (for the Fiscal Year 2022 Budget), nearly half of the ARPA funds were appropriated, largely in the areas proposed by the Governor, including historic levels of aid for struggling businesses, permanent housing for homeless and mixed income homes for working Vermonters, weatherization, transportation electrification, climate resiliency, clean water, wastewater facilities, to expand broadband statewide. Click here to see the Governor’s FY22 proposals and funding breakdown.

Governor Scott's 2022 ARPA Proposal

This year, the Governor proposed spending the remaining ARPA funds in the same strategic categories, including:

  • $145 million more for housing with a focus on middle-income housing stock
  • $95 million for additional broadband expansion
  • $161 million more for climate change mitigation measures
  • $ 72 million more for water, sewer and wastewater infrastructure that supports clean water and economic growth in rural communities
  • $101.5 million economic development and recovery

Click here for more details on the Governor’s FY23 proposals and funding breakdown. These initiatives still need approval from the Vermont Legislature to be implemented. If you support these efforts, let your local legislators know. You can find their contact information here.

Governor Scott has urged the Legislature to work with him to make sure Vermonters in every region of the state get the greatest value from this once-in-a-lifetime level of federal aid, saying to them in January

"As you know, last year we received over $1 billion from the American Rescue Plan Act, which I proposed splitting into five major initiatives: broadband and cell service; housing; climate change mitigation; water, sewer and stormwater infrastructure; and economic recovery.

You worked with me to fund about half of this proposal. And although some ARPA dollars went to other initiatives last year, I will ask you to follow through on the commitment you made to invest what’s left in the transformative and tangible infrastructure projects I originally proposed.

Because we have to remember this is one-time economic recovery money. It is imperative we use it to achieve economic equity from region to region, not as a band-aid on something we will have to address again next year and not for initiatives that do not make the most of this moment. We cannot squander this opportunity or let our legacy be defined by future deficits or higher taxes."


Click here to learn more about all of Governor Scott's 2022/Fiscal Year 2023 proposals


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