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Governor Scott’s Transformational Investments for American Rescue Plan Funds

With the passage of the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) in 2021, Vermont received $2.7 billion dollars of aid, offering the state an unprecedented opportunity to strengthen our economy and communities. More than half of these dollars were directly appropriated to federal agencies, individuals, local governments, education institutions, and others, leaving approximately $1 billion for the state to allocate over a four-year timeline, ending in December 2024.


Vision and Principles

Governor Scott proposed strategically investing the State’s $1.05 billion in one-time federal money in transformative projects and initiatives to address long-standing challenges and unaddressed needs, putting communities across the state on a path for recovery and setting course for a stronger economic future in every region.

The Governor’s approach to ARPA-funded initiatives has been guided by four key principles for projects: They must be transformative, tangible, transparent and timely – principles that ensure Vermonters see the maximum benefit from every dollar invested.

Under this vision, the Governor worked with the Legislature to invest over $1 billion in one-time federal funds to support five strategic categories:

  • Economic development and recovery (over $100 million)
  • Housing (over $250 million)
  • Water, sewer and wastewater infrastructure (over $200 million)
  • Climate change mitigation measures (over $200 million)
  • Broadband and wireless connectivity (over $350 million)

Additional federal funds, including through Coronavirus Relief Funds and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act have also supported investments in these categories.  


Following through on the commitment for transparency, the Administration has provided its first report on the use of ARPA funds

Through July 2022, the State has initiated more than 150 projects covering all 14 counties and committed about $300 million of the State ARPA funds. 

As detailed in the report, funding is being committed to train workers, build affordable and middle-income housing, increase shelter beds, help businesses recover from the pandemic, support clean drinking water projects for homeowners and communities, weatherize homes to lower energy costs and reduce carbon emissions, expand access to broadband statewide, and more. 

Click here to view the 2022 Governor's ARPA State Fiscal Recovery Fund Report.

"We’ve faced many challenges over the last few years, but Vermonters typically step up, prove our resiliency, and demonstrate compassion for our neighbors With this spirit, and these historic investments, I have never been more optimistic about Vermont’s future. And, I’m pleased to say, we are building toward that brighter future, together." - Governor Phil Scott