Vermont Lights the Way: Rays of Kindness

A Message from Governor Phil Scott 

Vermont lights the way in many ways. We're known for our commitment to community, our willingness to serve, and for going the extra mile to help those in need. As our state continues to confront this once-in-a-century challenge, sometimes it's the little things – those simple, random, everyday acts of kindness and goodwill that can make all the difference.  

Moving forward, to call more attention to the rays of hope and good deeds happening throughout Vermont, and the good people making them happen, I will be shining a light on acts of kindness, selfless service and goodwill happening throughout our state

I'm asking you to help me by sending in nominations so we can recognize these Vermonters for their actions and efforts. Remember, no act of kindness or service is too small. 

Thank you for submitting nominations, and thank you for helping make Vermont strong. 

We will get through these challenging times, because we're united as Vermonters.

With gratitude,

Philip B. Scott


First and Last Name
Please just use numbers. No "-" or "( )" Example: 8028283333
Please provide the full name(s) of the person/people you are nominating.
Please describe the person/people/organization you would like to be highlighted for their acts of kindness, selfless service, community spirit and/or goodwill. Please feel free to provide links to articles or any other background of their contributions to fellow Vermonters.
Please just use numbers. No "-" or "( )" Example: 8028283333
Please provide the mailing address for your nominee(s) so the Governor has the opportunity to send them an official Gubernatorial Recognition.
Please feel free to provide any additional information about your nominee or yourself for the Governor to see.

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