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Establishing Statute: 10 VSA CH 151 § 6026

Department: Environmental Board

Description: This commission deals primarily in state and land use and development plans, including, construction and improvement, drilling of gas and oil wells, construction of mixed income housing and determining jurisdiction under subdivisions.

Board Members:

    Board Member Name      Term Expires Seat Description
     Cheryl Cox       1/31/2021 Alternate Member
    (Callahan)       1/31/2021 Alternate Member
    David Moulton       1/31/2027 Member
     Kelley Tully       2/28/2026 Chair
     Abbie Corse       2/28/2025 Member
     Julie Schmitz       1/31/2017 Alternate Member
     Mark Mullen       1/31/2020 Alternate Member