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Establishing Statute: 16 VSA Ch 3 § 161

Department: Agency of Education

Description: The state board shall have supervision over, and management of the Agency of Education and the public school system. The boards duties include ensuring the licensing and qualification of all public school personnel, attendance and records of attendance of all pupils, standards for student performance, adult basic education programs, approval of independent schools, disbursement of funds, and equal access for all Vermont students to a quality education.


Board Members:

    Board Member Name      Term Expires Seat Description
     Grey Fearon       6/30/2025 Student
     Tammy Kolbe       2/28/2027 Vice Chair
     Rich Werner       2/28/2024  
     Thomas Lovett       2/28/2027  
     Caleb Greenwood       6/30/2026 Student
     Jennifer Deck Samuelson       2/29/2028 Chair
     Mohamedou Diop       2/28/2029  
     Lyle Jepsen       2/28/2027  
     Jenna O'Farrell       2/28/2025  
     Kimberly Gleason       2/28/2025