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Establishing Statute: 21 VSA Ch 3 § 144

Department:  Public Safety

Description: This board shall assure that elevators and other automated conveyances are correctly and safely installed and operated within the state by authorizing and enforcing rules for the design, installation, operation and maintenance of automated people conveyances, and by licensing mechanics and inspectors who work on these conveyances.

Board Members:

    Board Member Name      Term Expires Seat Description
     Frederick Bashara       8/31/2024 Owner / Multi-storied bldg w/ elevator
     Rob Devillers       2/28/2025 Elevator Installation
    Brian Marchegiani       2/28/2025 Elevator Servicing Co. Rep.
     William Henry, Jr.       8/31/2024 Inspector
     Lon Bullinger       2/29/2024 Elevator Maintenance