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Establishing Statute: 30 VSA Ch 87 § 7052

Description: This board is established to develop, implement and supervise the operation of the statewide-enhanced 911 systems, develop designs, standards and procedures to provide for the utmost effectiveness of the system, ensuring that all citizens have the capability of being routed into the 911 systems.

Board Members:

    Board Member Name      Term Expires Seat Description
     Brian Keefe       2/28/2022 Public Member
     Angela Eastman       2/28/2025 Municipal Seat / VLCT
     Lance Burnham       2/28/2024 Dept. of Public Safety / State Police
     Jerome Pettinga       6/30/2024 Public Member
     Heather Dale Porter       6/30/2024 Emergency Services Provider
     Steven Locke       2/28/2023 Firefighter
     Kelly Kennedy       2/28/2022 Public Member
     Rick Garey       2/28/2023 Municipal Law Enforcement / Chiefs of Police
     Roger Marcoux       2/28/2022 Chair, Sherrif's Assoc. Rep.