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Establishing Statute: EO 01-23

Department: Agency of Human Services

Description: The Council shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

a. By December 31, 2023, the Council shall deliver to the Governor a Tactical Action Plan outlining annual strategies, specific tactics and measurable annual performance metrics to ensure affordable housing options exist for all Vermonters, at all income levels. This Tactical Action Plan shall include a reasonable inventory of public and private sector rehabilitation and development in Vermont; annual achievable targets for meeting the need for supply and affordability in all 14 counties with priority given to the counties that have experienced the most significant demographic declines; proposals to expedite revitalization of our housing supply; specific and measurable interventions to reduce the number of Vermonters becoming homeless each year; and plans to achieve specific, clearly defined and measurable annual performance metrics for all key strategies, tactics or plans;

b. No later than September 30th of every year of this Executive Order, develop an annual progress report on its key performance metrics and modifying tactical plans going forward; and

c. Recommend to the Governor state and federal policies to improve a housing availability, affordability and stability.

Board Members:

 Board Member Name   Term Expires
     Zak Hale      2/28/2025
     Kim Anetsberger      2/28/2025
    Patrick Shattuck      2/28/2025   
     Will Towne      2/28/2025     
     Angus Chaney      2/28/2025
     Catherine Dimitruk      2/28/2025
     Chadd Vigor      2/28/2025
     Mary Moulton      2/28/2025