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Establishing Statute:  U.S.C.A. § 796d (West)

Department:  Agency of Human Services

Description:   Partnership with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Division of the Blind and Visually Impaired, over the implementation of independent living services under Title VII of the Rehabilitation Act.  Mission Statement:  The Vermont Statewide Independent Living Council exists to advance the equality with which people with disabilities enjoy, participate in and contribute to the lives of their communities, families and friends.

Board Members:


Name of SILC member

Appointment Category

Expiration Date

Brian Smith

Service provider



Fred Jones

DSU rep


Sarah Wendell-Launderville

CIL rep


Gary Snyder

Person with disability


Steve Pouliot 

Transportation Rep


Christopher Younce

Person with disability



Timothy Bradshaw

Parent of a person with a disablity


Sharon Henault

Person with disability


 Sam Liss

Person with disability


 Hilary Melton

Person with disability


 Kathleen Burke Kourebanas

Service Provider, Parent of a person with a disablity


Adam Weschler

RESOURCE representative


 Paul Betz

Person with disability

Allen Sherman Person with disability      9/30/2023