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Establishing Statute:  6 V.S.A. § 792

Department:  Agriculture

Description: The council shall review and evaluate the laws and rules of the state applicable to the care and handling of livestock. In conducting the evaluation required by this section, the council shall consider the following: the overall health and welfare of livestock species; agricultural best management practices; biosecurity and disease prevention; animal morbidity and mortality data; food safety practices; the protection of local and affordable food supplies for consumers; and humane transport and slaughter practices. The Council shall also submit policy recommendations to the secretary on any of the subject matter set forth under subdivision (1) of this subsection. A copy of the policy recommendations submitted to the secretary shall be provided to the house and senate committees on agriculture. Recommendations may be in the form of proposed legislation.

Board Members:

  Board Member Name      Term Expires Seat Description
     Ruth Blauwiekel        Agriculture Dept. at a VT College
     Erica Sebastyan       7/31/2025 Licensed Livestock or Poultry Veterinarian
     Brian Kemp       7/31/2021 Beef Industry
     Tara Oeschger       7/31/2025 Slaughter Industry
     Andrea Etter       7/31/2024 Knowledge of Food Safety
     (Webb)       7/31/2017 Auction Industry