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Establishing Statute: 10 VSA Ch 151 §6021a

Description: The Natural Resources Board (NRB) administers Act 250, Vermont’s land use law. Act 250 is intended to minimize the environmental impacts of development, by requiring that projects comply with the Act 250 Criteria. In addition to administering the Act 250 program in the district offices , the NRB issues rules and policies related to Act 250, is responsible for enforcement of Act 250, and may participate as a party in appeals from Act 250 decisions at the Superior Court, Environmental Division.

Board Members:

  Board Member Name   Term Expires  
     Donald Turner, Jr.        1/31/2027 Member
     Elizabeth Courtney       1/31/2024 Alternate Member
     Brad Aldrich       1/31/2025 Member
     (Vacant) Fallar       1/31/2021 Alternate Member
     Sabina Haskell       1/31/2025 Chair
     (Vacant) Haynes       1/31/2019 Alternate Member
     Andrew Collier       1/31/2025 Member
     Steven Larrabee        1/31/2026 Member
     Julie Wolcott       1/31/2024 Alternate Member