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Establishing Statute: 9 VSA Ch 115 § 4174

Department:  Agency of Transportation

Description: This board shall promulgate rules under 3 V.S.A. Chapter 25, administrative procedure, to implement the provisions of the new motor vehicle arbitration and may issue subpoenas to compel the attendance of witnesses to testify under oath and produce documents. This board shall render a decision within 30 days of the conclusion of the hearing and has the authority to issue any and all damages as are provided by 9 V.S.A. Chapter 115.

Board Members:

    Board Member Name      Term Expires Seat Description
     David Baker       2/28/2025 Technician Rep - Full Member
     (Vacant)       9/30/2024 Technician - Alternate
     Bob Knudsen       2/28/2025 Public Member - Full Member
     Gina Germond       2/28/2026 Public Member - Full Member
     Peter Hood       9/30/2022 Public Member- Full Member
     Michael Loschiavo       2/28/2026 New Car Dealer- Full Member
     Jeff Handy       2/28/2026 New Car Dealer - Alternate
     David Soucy       2/28/2025 Public Member - Alternate