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Establishing Statute: 21 VSA Ch 3 § 230

Department:  Administration

Description: This board shall make such rules as are necessary for the orderly transaction of its proceedings. The hearing judge appointed by the board shall hear, and make a determination upon, any proceeding instituted before the board and any motion in connection therewith, assigned to such hearing judge by the chairman of the board, and shall make a report of any such determination, which constitutes his final disposition of the proceedings. The report of the hearing judge shall become the final order of the board within thirty days after such report by the hearing examiner, unless within such period any board member has directed that the board shall review such report.

Board Members:

    Board Member Name      Term Expires
     Mark Gregoritsch       2/28/2029
     Benjamin O'Brien       2/28/2027
     Gary McQuesten       2/28/2025