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Establishing Statute: 28 VSA Ch 7 § 451

Department:  Agency of Human Services

Description: The Parole Board shall conduct interviews with each inmate eligible for parole consideration and determine the inmate's eligible for parole. On request of the Governor the Board shall assist in the matter of pardons. The Board shall keep records of its acts and shall submit them to the Governor and General Assembly.

Board Members:

    Board Member Name Term Expires Seat Description
     Mary Ainsworth       2/29/2024 Parole Board Director
     Patricia LaBier Boucher       2/29/2024 Member
     Wayne Dengler       2/28/2025 Member
     Dean George       2/28/2026 Chair
     Richard Grassi       2/28/2026 Member
    Tom Giffin       2/28/2025 Member
     Linn Caroleo        2/28/2025 Alternate 
     Mary Stephens       2/28/2024 Alternate