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Establishing Statute: EO 13-11

Department: Transportation

Description: The Council advises the Agency of Transportation on statewide rail issues, including enhancing freight railway service, examining existing rail passenger services and the availability of passenger station facilities. The Council also serves as a forum for those interested in rail-related issues.

Board Members:

    Board Member Name      Term Expires
    Rep. Sara Coffey       2/28/2025
     Christopher Andreasson       2/28/2025
     Charles Baker       2/28/2025
     (Munger)       2/29/2020
     Joanne Erenhouse       2/29/2024
     Charles Hunter       2/28/2025
     Charles Moore       2/29/2024
     Richard Moulton       2/29/2024
     David Allaire       2/28/2025
     Arthur Whitman       2/28/2025
     David Wulfson       2/29/2024
    Carl Fowler       2/29/2024