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Establishing Statute: 29 U.S. Code § 725 - State Rehabilitation Council | U.S. Code | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute (

Department: Agency of Human Services

Description: This council shall review, analyze and advise the designated state unit regarding the performance of the responsibilities of the unit under its title, particularly responsibilities relating to eligibility, extent, scope and effectiveness of services provide and functions performed by state agencies that affect or that potentially affect the ability of individuals with disabilities in achieving rehabilitation goals.

Board Members:

    Board Member Name      Term Expires
    Sherrie Brunelle       2/28/2025
    Tara Shatney       2/28/2026
    Gina D'Ambrosio       2/28/2025
    Jacqueline Kelley       2/28/2026
    Emily Wagner       2/28/2027
    Courtney Blasius       9/30/2024
    (Levinsohn)       2/28/2026
    Andrea Bacchi       2/28/2025
    Laura Flint       2/28/2025
    Nick Caputo       2/28/2026
    Sarah Sterling       9/30/2023
    Ana Kolbach       2/28/2025
    Helena Kehne       2/28/2025
    (Soares)       2/28/2026
    (Frank)       9/30/2022
    Angela Allard       2/28/2026
   Calla Papademas       9/30/2024
    Amanda Wheeler       2/28/2025

    Cari Kelley


     Cara Sachs        9/30/2023
     Laura Siegel        2/28/2026
     Bill Meir        9/30/2024
     Brandy Reynolds        2/28/2026