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Establishing Statute: EO 02-09

Department: Agency of Human Services


Description: This commission shall provide an annual plan update which shall be provided to the Corporation for National Service, administer grants programs, provide technical assistance to Vermont non-profit organizations and other entities in applying for Corporation funds and in planning programs related to community service and shall disseminate information in Vermont relating to national service programs to assure that interested Vermonters are aware of such opportunities.

Board Members:

    Richard Cogliano       12/31/2023
     Gina Pandolfo       12/31/2023
     (Gosselin)       12/31/2019
     Christopher Schembry       12/31/2023
    (McCabe)       12/31/2019
     (Whalen)       12/31/2023
     (Kievit-Kylar)       12/31/2019
     J. Guy Isabelle       12/31/2023
     (Thurber)       12/31/2019
     Megan McKeever       12/31/2023
     Daniel Noyes       12/31/2023
     Lee White       12/31/2023
    Ceilidh Galloway-Kane       12/31/2023
     (Ward)       12/31/2019
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