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Establishing Statute: 16 V.S.A. § 1693, 1694

Department: Education

Description: The Board shall adopt rules with respect to the licensing of teachers and administrators, and of speech-language pathologists and audiologists and establish standards for educator preparation programs in Vermont and approve those that meet the standards so that a person graduating from an approved program shall be eligible for a license to engage in teaching or school administration in accordance with standards board rules. The standards board may accept accreditation of an educator preparation program in Vermont or another state from a national accreditation entity as sufficient for approval and shall establish standards, including endorsements, according to which individuals may obtain a license or have one renewed or reinstated. The Board shall also oversee and monitor the application and licensing process administered by the office and develop a code of professional ethics and act as advisor to professional educators regarding its interpretation.

Board Members:

Board Member Name   Term Expires Seat Description
     (Fay)       6/30/2025 Teacher
     Ellen Emery       6/30/2026 Private Higher Education
     Katie Revelle       6/30/2025 Public Higher Education
     (Garces)       6/30/2024 School Board Representative
     Bill Clark       6/30/2027 Teacher
     Christine Kurucz       6/30/2027 Teacher
     Jennifer Clement        6/30/2027 Teacher
     Brenda Seitz       6/30/2027 Teacher
     Bernadette G. Cleland       6/30/2025 Public Member
     (Lucci)       6/30/2024 Administrator
     Amy Pickering       6/30/2026 Teacher
     Amy Flannery       6/30/2026 Teacher
     Amy Minor       6/30/2026 Administrator