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Establishing Statute: 2 VSA Ch 9 § 201

Department:  Governor's Office

Description: The commission shall examine the subjects of marriage and divorce, insolvency, the form of notarial certificates, the descent and distribution of property, the acknowledgment of deeds, the execution and probate of wills, the law of incorporation of business corporations and other subjects upon which uniformity is desired, and shall confer with the commissioners appointed for the same purpose by other states in drafting uniform laws to be submitted for approval and adoption by the several states. Its primary purpose is to promote uniformity of legislation.

Board Members:

 Board Member Name   Term Expires
     Richard Cassidy       1/31/2026
     Theodore Kramer       1/31/2026
     Carl Lisman       1/31/2022
     Stephanie Willbanks       1/31/2026