Establishing Statute:  20 V.S.A. § 1713

Department:  Agency of Administration

Description: The trustees may receive, hold, manage and convey such real and personal estate as they may acquire by gift, grant, purchase or otherwise, for the purpose of maintaining in this state a home for deserving veterans of the armed services of the United States, and such members of their families as the trustees deem proper, and under such conditions and regulations as the trustees may from time to time prescribe.

Board Members:

    Board Member Name      Term Expires Seat Description
     Kent Butterfield       1/31/2020 Veteran
     Arthur Charron       1/31/2022 Veteran
     Andrew Cotrel       1/31/2020 Veteran
     Brenda Cruickshank       1/31/2020 Veteran
     Gary DeGasta       1/31/2021 Veteran
     Charly Dickerson       1/31/2022 Non-Veteran
     Michael diMonda       1/31/2022 Veteran
     Tom Costello       1/31/2023 Veteran
     Frederick Dunn, Jr.       1/31/2021 Veteran
     David Fabricus       1/31/2023 Veteran
     Jacqueline Kelly       1/31/2022 Non-Veteran
     Jamie Percy       1/31/2024  
     Michael Klopchin       1/31/2021 Veteran
     Joseph Krawczyk       1/31/2021 Veteran/Chair
     Michael McHugh       1/31/2018 Veteran
     Wesley Mook       1/31/2020 Veteran
     Jennifer Carmichael       1/31/2020 Non-Veteran
     Harry Percey, Jr.       1/31/2020 Elected Classified Employee
     Joyce Scribner       1/31/2022 Non-Veteran
     Daniel Hillard       1/31/2020 Veteran
     Robert Hooper        1/31/2020 Veteran or Non Veteran

Contact Information

Office of Governor Phil Scott
109 State Street, Pavilion
Montpelier, VT 05609
Phone: 802 828-3333 (TTY: 800 649-6825)
Fax: 802 828-3339

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