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Governor Phil Scott Orders Activation of State Emergency Operations Center

March 10, 2020

Montpelier, Vt. – To support the ongoing work of the Vermont Department of Health and expand the capacity of state government to coordinate the COVID-19 response, Governor Phil Scott today ordered additional state agencies and departments to activate through the Vermont State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC). The activation is in accordance with the State Emergency Management Plan and will organize efforts, as well information sharing and communications with local and state officials.
The SEOC will begin regular daily operations Wednesday, March 11 at 7:30 a.m., and will house the multi-disciplinary team of state agency and department representatives currently assigned. The SEOC will work closely with the Health Department’s Health Operations Center to ensure preparedness for the potential of widespread transmission of COVID-19 as well as the implementation of community mitigation measures as they become necessary. The health operations center has been activated since early February. 
“While COVID-19 is not widespread in Vermont and the risk to the general population remains low, we can slow its spread by following the Health Department’s guidance,” said Governor Scott. “With an increasing number of Vermonters being monitored, the first positive test and the likelihood that there will be more cases, ensuring enhanced coordination and information sharing is critical. This step positions the state to scale its response as COVID-19 becomes more prevalent at the community level.”
The SEOC opens ahead of, and during, potential and likely emergencies to support prevention, response and recovery efforts. The last major incident managed from the SEOC was the flooding event of October 31 and November 1, 2019.
For updated information on Coronavirus, visit the Vermont Department of Health website: