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October 18, 2018

Montpelier, Vt. – A group of national cable and telecom organizations is expected to file suit against the State of Vermont today regarding a law passed in the previous session and an Executive Order issued by the Governor protecting net neutrality in Vermont. Governor Phil Scott issued the following statement:

“Our net neutrality legislation and my Executive Order demonstrate a clear commitment from Vermont’s elected officials, across branches and party lines, to preserving and promoting a free and open internet in Vermont.

“I am disappointed to hear national telecom and cable organizations plan to sue us for taking action to protect our citizens and our economy.

“While I understand consistent regulation is important to ensuring a vibrant and thriving telecom and cable sector, our obligation as a state government is to our citizens, who I strongly believe have a right to free and open access to information on the internet. In the absence of a national standard to protect that right, states must act.   

“I am committed to working with the Attorney General’s Office to stand up for these rights in court.”