Statement from Governor Phil Scott On His Comprehensive Five-Year Plan to Improve Education Quality and Affordability

02 May 2018

Montpelier, Vt. –  Governor Phil Scott issued the following statement on his five-year plan to prevent a $58 million property tax increase, reverse the State’s chronic deficits in the Education Fund, consistently grow investments in education each year while keeping statewide education tax rates level for five years, and generate nearly $300 million in additional savings that can be used to provide more tax relief, expand educational opportunities like early care and learning, technical education and improving overall quality.

“Yesterday, my Administration put forward a plan – using ideas from the Administration, Legislature and education stakeholders and incorporating feedback we’ve heard over the last two years – that addresses an inefficient education infrastructure that’s diverting resources from kids and is unaffordable for taxpayers.

“I want to thank legislators who have expressed an interest in preventing a $58 million tax hike and putting our education system on a stronger, more affordable foundation while generating $300 million in savings over the next five years to reinvest in our kids and our economy. I also appreciate that some legislative committees have invited the Administration’s subject matter experts in to testify this week.

“It is essential that we move forward together to prevent a $58 million statewide property tax rate increase this year, address reoccurring deficits in the Education Fund and generate $300 million in savings to more and better educational options for kids, as well as lower tax rates.”

Learn more about the Governor’s five-year education revitalization, tax stabilization and investment plan here.


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