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Governor Scott's Transformative Agenda and Budget Proposal

Governor Phil Scott's 2023 (FY24) Budget Proposal 

On January 20, 2023, Governor Phil Scott delivered his seventh budget address to the General Assembly, taking advantage of historic surpluses to make strategic investments in areas that produce the greatest return – all without raising taxes.

As he did in his Inaugural Address, the Governor again emphasized the need to focus on regional economic equity and investing in areas of our state that have been left behind.

The Governor continues to make historic investments in shared priorities like child care, housing, education, economic development, community infrastructure and more. His proposed budget uses sizeable state surpluses and revenue growth to make significant investments that will put Vermont in stronger fiscal position, make progress on longstanding challenges, and lift up families and communities across state.

Importantly, while we experience record surpluses today, the Governor’s budget secures millions of dollars to leverage federal funding that requires state matching funds – ensuring the state will be able to capture these federal investments for the next several years.  

“This budget is thoughtful, deliberate, disciplined, and carefully built to make the most of the historic resources available to us. It’s focused on investing, not just spending, to get the best results and grow revenue, so we can move families and communities ahead.

“It prioritizes the regions and people who need our help most, to deliver an increasingly healthy and vibrant economy in each of your communities.

“It funds work to lift Vermonters up with the dignity of a good job and stable housing and letting them keep more of what they earn.

“The choices we make this session, right or wrong, will have tremendous consequences on our state long into the future. So, let’s make the right decisions, not just the easy ones. Because there are moments in history – rare opportunities – to have a truly historic impact for those we serve.

“My fellow Vermonters, that moment is here. That moment is real. And it’s our duty to meet it, together.” – Governor Phil Scott

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