Establishing Statute: EO 02-12

Department: Public Safety

Description: The board shall assess the State's overall interoperable communications capability, policies and needs; enhance communication, coordination and cooperation, establishing guidelines and principles to reduce jurisdictional conflicts; improve the policies, processes and procedures on interoperability projects; develop strategies to establish a statewide VCALL/UCALL interoperable, accessible radio system for police, fire and emergency service responders that links local, state and federal agencies in Vermont as well as international and regional agencies in Canada and our neighboring states; recommend the use of any funds appropriated by the General Assembly for statewide interoperability to the Commissioner of Public Safety; insure that the State has a statewide interoperability plan by December 31, 2007; and insure that all Vermont Public Safety Radio Pool licensees operating Private Land Mobile Radio (PLMR) services in the same bands are prepared to comply with the Federal Communications Commission deadline for migration to 12.5 KHz technology or an equivalent by January 1, 2013.

Board Members:

    Board Member Name      Term Expires Seat Description
     Francis Aumand       1/31/2016 Criminal Justice Services
     Al Barber       1/31/2016 VT State Firefighters Assoc.
     Stephen Benard        1/31/2016 VT Sheriff's Assoc.
     Kiersten Bourgeois       1/31/2014 ACCD Rep.
     Bradley Curtis       1/31/2016 Fed. Law Enforcement
     Raymond Danis       1/31/2014 VT Dept. of Info. and Innovation
     Paul Duquette       1/31/2016 VT Assoc. of Chiefs of Police/Chair
     William Elovirta       1/31/2016 VT Dept. of Motor Vehicles
     James Finger       1/31/2016 VT Ambulance Assoc.
     Randall Gates       1/31/2016 VT National Guard Liaison
     Ron Gauthier       1/31/2016 American Red Cross
     Christopher Herrick       1/31/2016 VT Fire Safety Division
     Douglas Johnston       1/31/2016 VT Assoc. of Chiefs of Police
     VACANT       1/31/2014 VT Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets
     Terry LaValley       1/31/2016 Criminal Justice Services
     Michael Leyden      1/31/2016 Emergency Medical Services
     Kenneth Morton       1/31/2016 VT Career Fire Chief's Assoc.
     Thomas Hango       1/31/2018 VT State Police
     Gene Perkins       1/31/2016 VT Fire Chief's Assoc. (Volunteer)
     Brad Reed       1/31/2016 Professional Firefighters of VT
     Dennis Reinhardt       1/31/2016 VT Dept of Fish & Wildlife
     VACANT       1/31/2016 VT Emergency Management
     Barb Neal       1/31/2016 E 911
     Robert White       1/31/2016 VT Agency of Transportation
     VACANT       1/31/2016 VLCT

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