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Establishing Statute: 26 VSA Ch 13 § 761

Department:  Secretary of State

Description: The Board of Dental Examiners is an eleven-member board created by the legislature whose members are appointed by the governor to administer the laws for this profession in the state of Vermont. The board’s mission is public protection. The board does this by: ensuring that applicants are qualified for licensure; setting standards for the profession by proposing statutes and adopting administrative rules; and, with the assistance of Office of Professional Regulation staff, investigating complaints of unprofessional conduct, taking disciplinary action against licensees when necessary to protect the public.

Board Members:

    Board Member Name      Term Expires Seat Description
     Farid Hamidzedeh       12/31/2027 Professional
     Linda Greaves        12/31/2024 Hygenist
     (Kevan)       12/31/2022 Public Member
     Robert Ruhl       12/31/2025 Professional
     (Miller)       12/31/2020 Dentist
     William L. Koch       12/31/2026 Professional
     Ellen Grimes       12/31/2024 Hygenist
     Toby Kravitz       12/31/2024 Dentist
     Cassandra Coakley       12/31/2024 Professional
     Lucille Kelly        12/31/2025 Dental Assistant
      Elizabeth Merrill       12/31/2023 Public Member