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Establishing Statute: 18 VSA Ch 3 § 101

Department:  Agency of Human Services

Description: The board shall supervise and direct the execution of all laws vested in the department of health, and shall make and promulgate rules and regulations as are necessary, and shall make a biennial report with recommendations to the governor and to the general assembly. The board may delegate such powers and assign such duties to the commissioner as it may deem appropriate. Rules and regulations shall extend to all matters relating to the preservation of the public health and consistent with the duties and responsibilities of the board.


Board Members:

    Board Member Name      Term Expires Seat Description
     (Brown)       2/28/2029 Public Member 
     Margaret Bolton       2/28/2029 M. D. - Psychiatrist
     Dawn Philibert        2/28/2027 Public Member- Chair
     Heather Herrington       2/28/2027 M.D.
     Audra Pinto       2/28/2027 Dentist
     Michael McShane       2/28/2025 Public Member
     (Russo-DeMara)       2/28/2019 Osteopathic Physician