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Establishing Statute: 3 VSA Ch 53 § 3090

Department:  Agency of Human Services

Description: The Board is a citizen's panel consisting of seven members. Its duties are to act as a fair hearing board for appeals brought by individuals who are aggrieved by decisions or policies of departments and programs within the Agency of Human Services.

The Board has two hearing officers who conduct hearings on a regular basis in each district in which the Agency of Human Services maintains offices. The hearing officers issue written recommendations that include findings of fact and a proposed decision for the Board to act upon. The Board meets on a monthly basis to consider those recommendations. Parties to an appeal can attend the Board meetings and argue whether the Board should or should not adopt the hearing officers' recommendations.

Board Members:

 Board Member Name   Term Expires
     Susan Harritt       2/28/2029
     Mike Donohue - Chair        2/28/2027
     Mary Skinner       2/28/2027
     Mary Jean Wasik       2/28/2027
     Jan Westervelt       2/28/2029
     Brenda Cruickshank       2/28/2029
     Katie Aiken       2/28/2025