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Establishing Statute: 1 V.S.A. § 852

Department:  Commerce and Community Development

Description: The Commission shall provide technical assistance and an explanation of the process to applicants for state recognition, and compile and maintain a list of professionals and scholars for appointment to a review panel. The Commission shall also appoint a three-member panel acceptable to both the applicant and the commission to review supporting documentation of an application for recognition and advise the commission of its accuracy and relevance and Review each application, supporting documentation and findings of the review panel, and make recommendations for or against state recognition to the legislative committees. The Commission shall assist Native American Indian tribes recognized by the state to secure assistance for social services, education, employment opportunities, health care, and housing; and develop and market Vermont Native American fine and performing arts, craft work, and cultural events. The Commission shall also develop policies and programs to benefit Vermont's Native American Indian population within the scope of the commission's authority.

Board Members:

    Board Member Name      Term Expires
Deanna Edwards       2/28/2025
Jeff Benay       2/29/2026
Douglas Bent       2/28/2025
Patrick Lamphere       2/28/2025
(Little Thunder)       8/31/2023
Melody Walker Mackin        2/29/2024
Daniel Coutu        2/29/2026
Richard Holschuh       2/29/2026
Deborah Reger          2/29/2026