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Establishing Statute: EO 09-13

Department:  Agency of Human Services


The Council shall be advisory to the Governor and its responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to determining the nature and primary causes of poverty in Vermont; reviewing the extent to which public and private agencies are addressing poverty in Vermont; and making recommendations on action that should be taken to respond to poverty in Vermont, including actions taken by: federal government, state government, local government, private non-profit agencies and programs, charities, and business and industry.

Council on Pathways from Poverty, 2014 Report to the Governor

Council on Pathways from Poverty, 2015 Report to the Governor

Board Members:

Board Member Name Term Expires Seat Description
Martha Allen 1/15/2017  
Trine Bech 1/15/2017  
Brenda Brown 1/15/2017  
Cary Brown 1/15/2017  
Christopher Curtis      1/15/2017 Co-Chair
Joshua Davis 1/15/2017  
Linda Deliduka 1/15/2017  
Jan Demers 1/15/2017  
Patrick Flood 1/15/2017  
Lachlan Francis 1/15/2017  
Marla Simpson 1/15/2017  
Melissa Battah 1/15/2017  
Sara Kobylenski 1/15/2017  
Karen Lafayette 1/15/2017  
Erhard Mahnke 1/15/2017  
Rita Markley 1/15/2017  
Michael Monte 1/15/2017  
Melinda Moulton 1/15/2017  
Harold Nadeau 1/15/2017  
Whitney Nichols 1/15/2017  
Eileen Nooney 1/15/2017  
Marissa Parisi 1/15/2017  
Joseph Patrissi 1/15/2017  
Elizabeth Ready 1/15/2017  
Mark Redmond 1/15/2017  
Michelle Fay 1/15/2017  
Linda Ryan 1/15/2017 Co-Chair
John Sayles 1/15/2017  
Auburn Watersong 1/15/2017  
Richard Williams 1/15/2017