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Establishing Statute: 10 V.S.A. § 652 

Department:  Commerce and Community Development-Tourism & Marketing

Description: This council shall advise the secretary of the agency of commerce and community development, and the secretary shall consult with the council, on matters relating to state travel and recreation policy, state travel and recreation promotion programs, and other programs of the department of tourism and marketing and assist the secretary in the agency's preparation of a long-term comprehensive state travel and recreation plan.

Board Members:

 Board Member Name   Term Expires
     Brian Cain       6/30/2025
     Maricela Ehmann       6/30/2024
     Wilfredo Docto       6/30/2025
     Matt Harrington       6/30/2024
     Karen Duguay       6/30/2024
      Jody Fried       6/30/2026
     Molly Mahar       6/30/2024
     Amy Morrison Spear       6/30/2025
     Jeff Lawson       6/30/2026
     Steve Wright       6/30/2025