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Making Workforce a Top Priority

In the face of a growing demographic crisis with years of consistent decline in the number of Vermonters in our labor force, Governor Scott has urged all elected officials to make expanding and strengthening Vermont’s workforce the top priority.

  • Appointed a team of two former legislators from both sides of the political aisle to lead a dynamic, coordinated cross-agency workforce expansion effort.
  • Developed a labor force expansion plan with strategic efforts across agencies, sectors and industries.

Relocation, Recruitment, and Retention

  • Proposed and secured $1.2 million to recruit and relocate workers under the New Worker Relocation Incentive Program.
  • Added $225,000 in the FY20 budget to help recruit new workers and families at the local and regional levels through regional partnership grants to expand the workforce in regional economic centers statewide.
  • Improved coordination between the Department of Labor and key workforce development partners to support training opportunities that will help Vermonters grow in their careers and gain new skills for good-paying jobs.
  • Created an easier path for military members to enter the workforce through expanded recruitment, simplified processes and improved collaboration, including recruitment aimed at separating service members at Ft. Drum.
  • Proposed $1 million in tax incentives in the FY21 budget to recruit and retain nursing graduates from Vermont state colleges and universities to meet the demands of the state’s healthcare workforce.
  • Proposed $300,000 in the FY21 budget to expand the Vermont Relocation Assistance Program to facilitate and expedite relocation to Vermont..Proposed $100,000 in the FY21 budget to help state agencies and community partners recruit and retain immigrants and New Americans.

Fostering Training Opportunities

  • Proposed and passed a $400,000 investment to purchase training equipment, fit up new space and expand adult career and technical education training opportunities at centers across Vermont.
  • Invested $275,000 in the FY20 budget to expand apprenticeships, training and post-secondary career and technical education for Vermont workers.
  • Proposed and passed a new initiative exploring the delivery of associate degree programs at career and technical education centers to provide an affordable, convenient option to earn a high-demand, industry-specific degree.
  • Proposed an additional $100,000 investment in the FY21 budget to support the Vermont Youth Employment Program to employ rural, at-risk youth, helping them gain hands on work experience in their own communities.

Modernized Licensing Requirements & Processes to Expand Workforce

  • Working with the Secretary of State's Office of Professional Regulation (OPR), proposed and passed Act 119 of 2018, making it easier for servicemen and women to transition into the civilian workforce in Vermont.
  • Working with OPR, providers and industry stakeholders, reformed administrative rules governing licensed treatment professionals. These reforms allow for growth in the number of professionals in the mental health and substance use disorder treatment fields.
  • Proposed with the Secretary of State a package that, if passed, will make it easier for licensed professionals to relocate to Vermont. Specifically, it will:
    • Make it easier for people with licenses in others states to become licensed in Vermont;
    • Give members of the military and veterans credit for military training;
    • Give a second chance to people who have criminal backgrounds and are trying to earn stable, meaningful employment to become licensed; and
    • Require re-evaluation of continuing education requirements to make sure we don’t add unnecessary time and expense for those already licensed and working. 

Small Business-Based Recruitment

  • Proposed and passed legislation to expand the Department of Labor’s role in assisting and funding small business workforce recruiting efforts.

Mature Workers & Returnships

  • Proposed and secured an additional $100,000 in funding to implement a statewide Vermont Returnship Program for individuals returning to the workforce after an extended absence or seeking limited duration employment.

To learn more about our efforts to build a 21st century, cradle-to-career education system that will support a strong workforce, click here