Action Taken by Governor Phil Scott on Legislation - June 1, 2022

01 June 2022

Montpelier, Vt. - Governor Phil Scott announced action on the following bills, passed by the General Assembly.

On June 1, Governor Scott signed bills of the following titles: 

  • S.201, An act relating to best management practices for trapping
  • S.224, An act relating to juvenile proceedings
  • S.250, An act relating to law enforcement data collection and interrogation
  • S.258, An act relating to agricultural water quality, enforcement, and dairy farming
  • S.261, An act relating to municipal retention of property tax collections and valuation for purposes of the education property tax
  • S.269, An act relating to extending the Energy Savings Account Partnership Pilot Program
  • S.281, An act relating to hunting coyotes with dogs
  • S.283, An act relating to miscellaneous changes to education laws
  • S.285, An act relating to health care reform initiatives, data collection, and access to home- and community-based services

When signing S.283, Governor Scott sent a letter to the General Assembly which can be viewed below:

Dear Legislators:

Today, I am signing S.283, An act relating to miscellaneous changes to education laws, although it includes an error which affects the effective dates of two provisions.

I am allowing it to move forward because I have no substantive objections to the provisions of the bill itself, however, the Section 17 cross-reference to Section 14 (prekindergarten prequalification quality standards) cannot be correct.  It is either Section 14 (approved and recognized independent schools) or Section 15 (prekindergarten prequalification quality standards).  Our assumption, given the context, which has been confirmed by Legislative Counsel, is that the cross-reference is to Section 15 (prekindergarten prequalification quality standards) which shall take effect July 1, 2023.  It is my understanding this change will be made during the statute revision process through the Secretary of State’s Office, and the Executive Branch will proceed accordingly.




Philip B. Scott



When signing S.285, Governor Scott sent a letter to the General Assembly which can be viewed below:

Dear Legislators:

While I am signing S.285, An act relating to health care reform initiatives, data collection, and access to home- and community-based services, I do so with hesitance.

Stabilizing our health care system has become increasingly urgent. Our health care system’s ability to provide access to affordable, timely, and quality care is currently very fragile as it emerges from the pandemic and confronts the impacts of deferred care, an aging population, a workforce crisis and the historically high inflation that increases the costs of supplies, energy, and staff. With all these factors, the system is at risk of significant disruption and instability.

While I do not believe the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) should be in a policy development role, given the fiscal crisis our health care system faces – and the affordability crisis it will present to Vermonters – time is not on our side. With that in mind, I am reluctantly signing this bill so that the resources it contains may be deployed quickly – and in very close coordination with my Administration, the Legislature, and stakeholders – to address our immediate health care access, financing, and affordability challenges. 

To support this work, I have directed the Agency of Human Services (AHS) and the Department of Financial Regulation (DFR) to provide active oversight of the GMCB’s use of the resources contained in S.285. And I am requesting, through this letter, the Legislature take an equally rigorous oversight role. Because, by working together, we can ensure the GMCB provides a thorough analysis of the health care system and a menu of specific recommendations (including impacts on access and affordability) for policymakers to consider early in the upcoming session.

Second, AHS and DFR are directed to ensure full transparency in the GMCB process, including public release of a comprehensive plan design before the work starts, an opportunity to provide feedback, collaboration on vendor selection and insight into progress made.

Third, AHS and DFR are directed to hold the GMCB accountable for providing thoughtful and effective regulation in the upcoming hospital budget and health insurance rate reviews. 

Finally, AHS and DFR will convene an executive-level committee of health care providers and payers to move forward with the All-Payer Model and value-based payment reform and share information on the work of the GMCB.

In conclusion, I want to underscore the sense of urgency I feel. It will now be our shared responsibility to hold the GMCB accountable for taking action that benefits Vermonters this summer and in the new year.



Philip B. Scott



On June 1, Governor Phil Scott returned without signature and vetoed S.234 and sent the following letter to the General Assembly:

June 1, 2022

The Honorable John Bloomer, Jr.

Secretary of the Senate

115 State House

Montpelier, VT 05633-5401


Dear Secretary Bloomer:

Pursuant to Chapter II, Section 11 of the Vermont Constitution, I am returning S.234, An Act Relating to Changes to Act 250, without my signature because this bill moves us in the wrong direction on Act 250.

From my perspective, this bill makes Act 250 even more cumbersome than it is today and it will make it harder to build the housing we desperately need. These concerns were raised by elected leaders on both sides of the aisle, though were not addressed by the Legislature.

Fortunately, the pieces of this bill that will make some modest improvements were added to another bill, which I plan to sign.

Based on the objections outlined above, I am returning this legislation without my signature pursuant to Chapter II, Section 11 of the Vermont Constitution.





Philip B. Scott


To view a complete list of action on bills passed during the 2022 legislative session, click here.




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