Governor Phil Scott’s Statement on the Trump Administration’s Plan to Reduce Pharmaceutical Drug Prices

31 July 2019

Montpelier, Vt – Today, Governor Phil Scott issued the following statement on the Trump Administration’s Safe Importation Action Plan:

“Vermont was the first state in the nation to pass a prescription drug importation law, recognizing health care and pharmacy costs are too high for too many. For our policy to be viable, we knew we would need federal collaboration and approval and this announcement indicates we have both.

“It’s important to give credit where credit’s due: The Trump Administration has taken an important step toward making prescription drugs more affordable for Americans, and they should be acknowledged for doing so.

“Vermont has long been a leader in this area and, while there is still much more to do to give Americans full access to lower cost prescription drugs, we are pleased to have a federal partners from both the executive and legislative branches who share our concern over the huge impact filling prescriptions and purchasing health insurance has on families’ checkbooks. 

“In Vermont, prescription drug costs contribute to healthcare insurance rate increases and to Vermonters’ out of pocket expenses. Access to lower cost options will be essential to making healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone.  

“My Administration looks forward to working with others to ensure this new federal policy meets the needs of the states and the people we serve.”


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