Governor Phil Scott and Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard Commit to Enhanced Vermont-Quebec Relations

17 February 2017

Montpelier, Vt. – Governor Phil Scott and members of his senior staff and cabinet traveled to Québec City this week for the first official meetings with their Québec counterparts, as well as meeting with businesses and industry groups in the Province.

“Our partnership with Québec plays an important role in our work to grow Vermont’s economy, retain and attract businesses to Vermont, and help workers and businesses thrive,” said Gov. Scott. “This trip served to strengthen our longstanding relationship with the Province, and we will continue to work together to grow economic opportunity that benefits both regions.”

Gov. Scott and Premier Couillard discussed opportunities to expand the Vermont-Quebec partnership through continued collaboration, promoting trade integration, improving the Vermont-Quebec multi-sectorial cooperation agreement and exploring increased education exchange opportunities.

“By choosing Québec for his first foreign mission, Governor Scott has shown that he wishes to continue the long and mutually beneficial tradition of cooperation and trade that links Québec and Vermont,” said Philippe Couillard, Premier of Québec. “Vermont is an invaluable ally in implementing the action plan our government has put in place to promote the advantages of economic interdependence between Québec and the United States.”

Members of the Governor’s Cabinet, including Commerce Secretary Michael Schirling, Natural Resources Secretary Julie Moore, Public Safety Commissioner Thomas Anderson, Public Service Commissioner June Tierney, and Transportation Secretary Joseph Flynn, met with their counterparts during the trip as well.

“I hope that together we can grow our economies, make this region an even better place to work, live and play, and build on the centuries-old relationship our ancestors successfully forged,” said Gov. Scott during a keynote address he delivered at a luncheon hosted by Québec’s Association for the Production of Renewable Energy, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Federation of Chambers of Commerce.

Québec is Vermont’s largest trade partner, with $5 billion generated through trade across the Vermont-Québec border annually. 

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