Governor Phil Scott Issues Three Executive Orders to Better Align State Government to Meet His Strategic Goals

17 January 2017

Montpelier, Vt. – Governor Phil Scott today announced proposed changes to the structure of the executive branch. These proposals, issued via Executive Order on Sunday, are designed to better align state government to meet the Governor’s strategic goals to strengthen the economy, make Vermont more affordable, and protect vulnerable Vermonters.

“Our shrinking workforce is one of the biggest obstacles to achieving a stronger economy, creating economic opportunity for all Vermonters, and generating the revenue we need to invest in services. That’s why we must concentrate our efforts on reversing this trend,” said Gov. Scott. “The changes I have proposed will create more responsive, nimble organizational structures that allow us to more directly align our economic development and workforce efforts, and provide more efficient, effective and outcome-driven service to Vermonters.”

Under Executive Order 05-17, Gov. Scott merged the Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD) with the Department of Labor (DOL) to create the Agency of Economic Opportunity (AEO). The new agency will carry out all ACCD functions and all DOL functions, except for V.O.S.H.A., Project WorkSAFE, and Passenger Tramway Safety, which will move from DOL to the Department of Public Safety.

Directly connecting the needs of our employers and workforce through the Agency of Economic Opportunity – coupled with revitalized marketing efforts and community development – will allow for a better, more coordinated, and more accountable approach to advancing economic opportunities for all Vermonters. With more integrated resources and shared data, the Agency will be able to better-align training programs with job opportunities, producing a competent, competitive and highly-skilled workforce that can be directly connected with available private-sector jobs. Through a holistic view of labor, business, and economic development needs, the Agency will build data-driven systems to grow the workforce, create greater opportunity for workers already here, and fill the skills gap that employers are experiencing.

To align the State’s Information Technology (IT) portfolio with its operational objectives, and provide more efficient, effective service to Vermonters, Governor Scott created the Agency of Digital Services through Executive Order 06-17. This proposal dissolves the State’s current Department of Information and Innovation, creating a unified organizational structure for IT. This new structure, which allows all current IT personnel to stay in their current work locations, will address core technology and project management challenges, provide more efficient support for state employees, and deliver better customer service, while enhancing accountability.

As part of Gov. Scott’s efforts to make state government more efficient and effective for Vermonters, Executive Order 07-17 will merge the Department of Liquor Control and the State Lottery Commission to create a singular Department of Liquor and Lottery. The existing entities share similar responsibilities, and there is often overlap among licensed agents who sell both product lines. Therefore, combining them under one Department will help eliminate redundancies, save costs and simplify processes – maximizing revenue for the State.

“By more closely tying our economic development efforts to our workforce needs, ensuring results-based accountability in our IT portfolio, and streamlining government to eliminate redundancy, we can provide better service and outcomes for Vermonters,” said Gov. Scott. “I’m proud to lay the ground work that will enable us to achieve the strategic goals I was elected to carry out. I look forward to working with the Legislature on these efforts.”


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