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Governor Phil Scott Signs Four Executive Orders on First Day in Office

January 9, 2017

Montpelier, Vt. – Governor Phil Scott signed four executive orders on Inauguration Day, establishing his strategic priorities, and creating teams in support his efforts to address the opiate epidemic and modernize state government.

Executive Order 01-17, “Governor’s Strategic Goals,” directs all State agencies and departments to utilize their powers, duties and programs to establish strengthening the Vermont economy, making Vermont more affordable, and protecting vulnerable Vermonters, as cornerstones of their strategic and operational goals.

Joined by members of his Cabinet and senior leadership team, Gov. Scott emphasized the importance of the Executive Order in cementing the economy and affordability as the clear priorities of his Administration.

Secretary of Human Services Al Gobeille and Public Safety Commissioner Thomas Anderson joined Gov. Scott as he signed Executive Order 02-17, establishing the Opiate Coordination Council. The Council will lead and strengthen Vermont's response to the opiate crisis by ensuring full interagency and intra-agency coordination between state and local governments in the areas of prevention, treatment, and law enforcement activities. The Executive Order also creates the position of Director of Drug Policy, who will act as the executive director of the Council to support, coordinate and monitor its progress. By signing this order, Gov. Scott fulfilled a promise made during his run for office to do so on Day One of his term. 

In his inaugural address, Gov. Scott stated the opiate epidemic was one of the most significant challenges we face. “With enhanced treatment, better prevention, and stricter enforcement, we can continue our efforts to turn the tide,” he said. “We will break down barriers, allowing models for success and lessons-learned to flow freely from agency to agency, and community to community.”

Immediately acting on another commitment, Gov. Scott established the Government Modernization and Efficiency Team (GMET), with Executive Order 03-17. GMET will lead efforts to make state government more efficient and effective for Vermonters. Accompanying the formation of GMET, Executive Order 04-17 created the Program to Improve Vermonter Outcomes Together (PIVOT), which will be tasked with implementing and tracking progress of the recommendations issued by GMET. Both groups aim to empower state employees with modernized IT systems and training, and implement a customer-focused culture across state government.

“These Executive Orders lay the ground work for our efforts to make state government more effective for the people of Vermont,” said Scott. “Every day, we will be guided by our strategic goals, working to create more economic opportunity, help working families keep more of what they earn and protect our most vulnerable. If everyone in state government pulls in the same direction – towards these goals – we will move Vermont forward to a more prosperous future.”