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Governor Phil Scott signs H.330 and H.511

May 31, 2019

Montpelier, Vt.This week, Governor Phil Scott signed H.330, An act relating to repealing the statute of limitations for civil actions based on childhood sexual abuse, and H.511, An act relating to criminal statutes of limitations.

H.330 will eliminate the six-year statute of limitations related to childhood sexual abuse. H.511 removes the criminal statute of limitations for manslaughter and sexual exploitation of a minor and extends the limits for several other violent crimes beyond their current standard.

Governor Scott provided the following statement in signing the bills:

“These new laws are two examples of a strong body of work coming out of this legislative session.

“Together, these laws give victims greater opportunity to seek justice, better recognizing the complex nature of these specific crimes and giving victims and their families more tools to achieve the justice they deserve.

“I want to thank the Legislature - particularly Rep. Martin LaLonde and members of the House and Senate Judiciary committees - for their thoughtful work. These laws will go a long way in our joint efforts to protect the most vulnerable Vermonters.”