Governor Phil Scott Statement on Legislature’s Mandated Minimum Wage Vote

25 February 2020

Montpelier, Vt. – Governor Phil Scott today issued the following statement regarding the Legislature’s vote to override his veto on a mandated minimum wage increase.  

“My concerns for this bill – based on fiscal analysis from the Legislature’s Joint Fiscal Office – have been that the negative impacts on Vermont’s economy, workers’ hours and jobs will outweigh the positive benefits, especially in our more rural areas. 

“These concerns were shared by legislators of both parties. However, with the Legislature choosing to override these concerns, I hope for the sake of our rural communities they are correct. We simply cannot sustain more job losses or closed businesses, particularly outside the greater Burlington area. 

“While disappointing, it’s now more important than ever to move forward and focus on policies that actually grow the economy, make Vermont more affordable, attract more to our workforce to reverse our demographic crisis and help workers move up the economic ladder with more skills for better paying jobs.”

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