Governor Scott and Attorney General Donovan Come Together to Issue Statements on Vermont’s Peaceful Protests

04 June 2020

“Protests have been an important part of our democracy, driving change throughout our history. The peaceful protests we’ve seen in Vermont are an important outlet for our communities to express their sadness, anger and frustrations, and to call for change. This is a critical moment in our history, and it is our responsibility, as public servants, to listen and allow for these protests to safely continue. I thank Vermonters for their commitment to protecting each other, both through the change we are trying to seek and how we are seeking it.” – Governor Phil Scott

“Protesting is a constitutional right, and I will protect it. Vermonters have come together across the state to demonstrate their collective outrage and voice the need for justice and change. We, as law enforcement, must listen.  

As protests continue, I ask that Vermonters peacefully exercise their civil rights and that police give protesters the latitude they need to do so. I also urge law enforcement to exercise restraint and use their creative problem-solving skills so that protesters may peacefully express our nation's outrage and call for justice during these difficult times.” – Attorney General T.J. Donovan

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