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State of Vermont Selected to Participate in National Criminal Justice Reform Project

March 13, 2017

Montpelier, Vt. – Governor Phil Scott today announced the State of Vermont has been selected as one of five states to participate in a national criminal justice effort aimed at improving law enforcement practices and policies. The National Criminal Justice Reform Project (NCJRP) is a joint venture of the National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA) and the National Governors Association (NGA).

The project will support Vermont in the planning and implementation of more data-driven, evidence-based reforms. This scientific approach is designed to allow Vermont to improve public safety by making criminal justice systems smarter, more fair and more cost effective.

“This approach to public safety has many benefits, including deterring youths from offending and a reduction in repeat offenders,” said Gov. Scott. “I’m proud Vermont has earned an opportunity to take part in this project. These efforts will keep our communities safe and reduce our prison populations, which eases the burden on taxpayers. My Administration is committed to looking across state government for opportunities to make Vermont more affordable and improve outcomes for Vermonters, and this project is a great example of how we can achieve those goals.”

This effort will allow public safety officials to rethink many areas of State policy and practice and implement new practices that are proven effective. These include treatment programs that reduce youth crime, like family based treatment that builds a positive environment and support system in the home; psychosocial therapies to change behaviors or replace aggression and anti-social behavior in youths; and other methods of crime prevention and deterrence.

“I’m appreciative that NGA and NCJA recognize the State as a vital partner in this program,” said Public Safety Commissioner Thomas Anderson. “I want to express my thanks to our state and local partners who will work with us on this effort to make law enforcement practices in Vermont as effective as possible.”

The program will provide comprehensive strategic and operational support. Vermont public safety officials will begin work this week and their involvement will continue for up to five years. To learn more about the project, visit