Statement from Governor Phil Scott’s Office on the Value of Merging Department of Liquor Control and the Vermont Lottery Commission

11 April 2017

Montpelier, Vt. - Governor Phil Scott’s Communications Director Rebecca Kelley today issued the following statement:

“In January, Governor Phil Scott signed an executive order to merge the Department of Liquor Control and the Vermont Lottery Commission into a Department of Liquor and Lottery.

“This merger is a simple, commonsense structural change that brings together organizations with similar missions to make the State a better partner to our business community and ultimately enhance the consumer experience. There are numerous benefits to this modernization effort, including enhanced marketing efforts, and increased efficiencies through streamlined permitting and licensing processes, and training and compliance programs. A singular Department will be achieved through a carefully crafted, phased-in approach over the next three months.

“Merging these two organizations has been discussed in the Legislature for a decade, and the Administration is taking the natural next step to execute the merger. Given the historic interest in similar proposals, this policy idea is not – nor should it be – a partisan issue.

“So, it is troubling that the House will take a floor vote tomorrow on a resolution that would rescind the Governor’s executive order, instead choosing to study the issue and, therefore, embrace the status quo. They will be forgoing the opportunity to generate more revenue and savings, and to support businesses and improve customer service throughout the state.

“The Governor recognizes we have an urgent need to address our economic challenges, including a shrinking workforce and a crisis of affordability. He has taken bold actions to innovate and create a 21st century state government, which is essential to growing our economy and making Vermont more affordable.

“Delaying this effort by calling for a study is a waste of time and money that will delay action for years. We owe it to Vermonters to do more, and this merger allows for state government to become more nimble, innovative, and make the most of taxpayer dollars.” 

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