Statement from Governor Phil Scott on the 8th Anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene

28 August 2019

Montpelier, Vt. – Governor Phil Scott today issued the following statement:

“When Tropical Storm Irene hit Vermont, it caused incredible damage to our roads and bridges, our farms and businesses, and our homes and communities. 

“What it did not do, was damage our spirit. Immediately, we responded with resiliency and resolve in the face of devastation. We rolled up our sleeves, helped our neighbors in their time of need, and worked together to rebuild what was lost. 

“This sense of community is core to who we are as a state, and our work to recover from Irene showed that when we unite for a common purpose, we are capable of great things.

“As we reflect on the impact of the events of August, 28, 2011, let’s remember that unity and the strength we demonstrated; let’s remember the caring, compassion and courage shown for our fellow Vermonters; and let’s remember how this tragic day, eight years ago, became one of the finest moments in the history of our brave little state.”

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