Statement from Governor Phil Scott on Loosening of Testing Requirements for Canadians Crossing the Border

21 November 2021

Montpelier, Vt. – Governor Phil Scott today issued the following statement regarding negative PCR test results no longer being needed for Canadians traveling to the United States for less than 72 hours:

“Our Canadian friends who live in border towns are integral to the fabric of Vermont, and they create economic opportunity for both sides of the border. It is welcomed news that Canada will soon be dropping testing requirements for Canadians reentering their country after visiting the United States for short periods.

“We support this decision to ease cross border restrictions and thank the Canadian Government for recognizing the financial and logistical burden the testing requirement was on reconnecting families, resuming economic ties, and promoting tourism and business expansion in Vermont. 

“For those Canadians who may be traveling to the state for more than 72 hours and will still need a PCR test to return to Canada, we want to remind them that testing remains free and available to all Vermonters and visitors alike.  Canadians can find a testing sites across the state at”



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