Statement from Governor Phil Scott on Pearl Harbor Day

07 December 2020

Montpelier, Vt. – Governor Phil Scott today issued the following statement:

“Today we remember the 79th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor - a day that’s meaningful to Americans both for the loss we experienced and for marking the start of our involvement in World War II.

“In the days that followed, our nation mobilized an effort larger and more unified than any other. From the frontlines to the factories, Americans stood shoulder to shoulder in the fight against those who threatened our lives, our democracy and our future.

“We look back on this difficult period in world history as one of our country’s finest moments, when our efforts aligned to protect the ideals of our nation, and when our unity, extraordinary sacrifices and bold actions stood as evidence of the strength of American resolve.

“Seventy-nine years ago, 2,463 Americans were killed at Pearl Harbor and our nation rose together to meet an enormous challenge.

“Yesterday, COVID-19 took the lives of 1,111 Americans; 2,190 the day before that; 2,637 the day before that; and 2,975 the day before that. We must also rise to face this threat.

“The example of the Greatest Generation – the sacrifices they made to save lives and their service to the greater good – is there for us today.

“As we continue to fight a global pandemic that has taken the lives of nearly 300,000 Americans, the lessons and legacy of the Greatest Generation, and their willingness to answer the call to service, is a powerful reminder that there is no greater or more effective force for good than an America united in common cause.”

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