Statement from Governor Phil Scott on State Investment in Vermont State Colleges

30 May 2019

Montpelier, Vt. – The Board of Trustees for the Vermont State Colleges System today voted to roll back a planned 3 percent tuition increase to 1 percent, following an increased investment of State funding, proposed by Governor Phil Scott and supported by the Vermont Legislature.

“Having the nation’s best cradle to career education system will be the very best economic development tool we could have. To get there, we must continue to expand investments in early care and learning as well as higher education. This is why I’ve proposed increased investment in both areas and I’m thankful for the Legislature’s partnership on many of these initiatives.

“This year, these investments will help lower a planned 3 percent increase in tuition down to 1 percent. This is a small but important step. We have more to do to keep our state colleges, and the valuable job training opportunities they offer, affordable to Vermonters and a stronger tool for economic growth and job creation.

“I appreciate the Legislature’s support for this funding, and the Vermont State Colleges Board for ensuring those funds will be put toward tuition costs.

“By continuing to work together, and putting Vermont’s progress ahead of politics, we can continue to strengthen our system, and work toward providing every child access to the very best education in the country, from cradle to career.”


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