05 June 2018

Montpelier, Vt. – Governor Phil Scott’s Communications Director Rebecca Kelley today issued the following statement:

“In a year where the state has $160 million more in revenue and a surplus that’s expected to grow this month, Governor Scott has been clear he will not sign a budget or tax bill that result in increased taxes, including statewide property tax rates. 

“Over the last several weeks, the Governor and his Administration have put forward a comprehensive plan to fully fund school budgets, avoid an unnecessary property tax rate hike, keep property tax rates level for five years, and reinvest in improving the quality of our education system.

“While he continues to advocate for this plan, Governor Scott has also been open to alternatives that achieve these goals. Over the first three weeks of the Legislative special session – called to address this very issue – four options to bring us closer to agreement have been put forward, including:

“Every one of these proposals would help stabilize property tax rates and work towards an agreement between the Governor and the Legislature. Yet every single one of them has been roundly rejected by Legislative leadership and the majority party. Instead, they continue to move forward a budget that will result in a $23 million increase to statewide property tax rates if an agreement is not met by July 1.

“Majority leadership appears inflexibly committed to raising tax rates on Vermonters in a year we have a surplus – and multiple proposals – to avoid it, while also addressing long-term challenges to our education system. Their unwillingness to compromise or seriously consider any alternatives, and their complete lack of urgency surrounding this issue, are unnecessarily pushing the state closer to the July 1 budget deadline.

“Governor Scott remains committed to an agreement that ensures Vermonters don’t see a statewide property tax rate increase in a year we have a surplus and the Administration stands ready to pursue all avenues to achieve this goal at whatever point Legislative leaders are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work on this issue.”

For more on the Governor’s plan and the Administration’s work during the special session, click here.


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