Executive Orders

The following are Executive Orders issued by Governor Philip B. Scott. Click here for past Executive Orders issued by previous Governors.

Activation of National Guard to Assist with Hurricane Irma (Executive Order 16-17)

08 September 2017
An Executive Order authorizing and directing the Adjutant General to call any and all units of the National Guard of the State of Vermont into Active State Service for the purpose of assisting and supporting the requesting States in their efforts to respond to the conditions created or caused by Hurricane Irma and associated storms. This Order shall take effect upon signing and shall amend and restate Executive Order 16-17 originally issued September 8, 2017.

Activation of Vermont National Guard for Special Duty and Addendum (Executive Order 10-17)

01 June 2017
An Executive Order to order and direct the Adjutant General of Vermont to order into service, as he may deem appropriate to carry out the purpose of this Order, any and all units of the National Guard of the State of Vermont for the performance of special duty for the purpose of responding to and providing support for a recovery mission at Mt. Pisgah in Westmore, Vermont. The Addendum terminates EO 10-17 due to the fact that the mission is deemed completed.

Governor's Opioid Coordination Council (Executive Order 09-17)

08 May 2017
An Executive Order creating the Governor's Opioid Coordination Council to lead and strengthen Vermont’s response to the opioid crisis by ensuring full interagency and intra-agency coordination between state and local governments in the areas of prevention, treatment, recovery and law enforcement activities.

Transfer of Property in Windsor from Buildings and General Services to Department of Fish and Wildlife (Executive Order 08-17)

27 March 2017
An Executive Order transfering State-owned land known as the Windsor Prison Farm from Buildings and General Services (BGS) to the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW). Approximately 118 acres is retained by BGS. An Executive Order was previously signed by the Shumlin Administration (E.O. 08-15) which needed to be revised after a property survey was completed, as directed by the Legislature in Acts of 2016, Act No. 160, Section 29.


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