Executive Orders

The following are Executive Orders issued by Governor Philip B. Scott. Click here for past Executive Orders issued by previous Governors.

Governor's Government Modernization and Efficiency Team (Executive Order 03-17)

05 January 2017
An Executive Order creating the Governor's Government Modernization and Efficiency Team (GMET). GMET will serve an advisory role, and is charged with facilitating State agency and department efficiency audits; strengthening strategic IT planning; and developing a digital government strategy focused on Vermonters. It will also focus on identifying and advising on opportunities to increase operational efficiency; consolidate, streamline and automate services; account for the true cost of IT projects; eliminate waste; prevent fraud and abuse; and develop metrics to be used in the development of an outcomes-based budgeting process.

Governor's Opiate Coordination Council (Executive Order 02-17)

05 January 2017
An Executive Order to create the Governor's Opiate Coordination Council to lead and strengthen Vermont's response to the opiate crisis by ensuring full interagency and intra-agency coordination between state and local governments in the areas of prevention, treatment, and law enforcement activities. The Executive Order also creates the position of Director of Drug Policy, who will act as the Executive Director of the Council to support, coordinate and monitor the progress of the Council. This Executive Order was superseded and replaced by Executive Order 09-17: http://governor.vermont.gov/content/governors-opioid-coordination-council-executive-order-09-17.

Governor's Strategic Goals (Executive Order 01-17)

05 January 2017
An Executive Order directing all State Agency Secretaries and Department Commissioners to utilize their powers, duties, and programs to establish growing the Vermont economy; making Vermont an affordable place to live, work, and do business; and protecting vulnerable Vermonters, as cornerstones of their strategic and operational goals.


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