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Boards and Commissions

Boards and commissions serve an important role in state government, and Governor Scott is currently seeking applications for members. The Governor is looking for talented, hardworking individuals with fresh ideas and who are good managers, proven leaders and recognize they will be held to the highest standards of conduct when they accept the responsibility of public service to their fellow Vermonters.  It's imperative that candidates share the Governor’s priorities for growing the economy, making Vermont more affordable, caring for the most vulnerable and restoring faith and trust in state government. If you share his priorities and possess these qualifications, please consider submitting your resume directly with the office at the email below or filling out an application through our on-line form.

Board members listed reflect only those members appointed by the Governor.  Many boards and commissions include members appointed by other elected officials or groups with a special interest or expertise.  

Application Process

Please use our new online application process by clicking on the “APPLY NOW” link:

OR EMAIL a resume and indication of interest to

For more information or assistance, please contact the Governor's Office: (802) 828-3333.

Information for Volunteer Appointees

While not required for the application, in order to be appointed we will require all Appointees to sign the Oath of Office, acknowledge receipt of the Governor’s Code of Ethics EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 04-22 found here and agree to the terms of the Code of Ethics.  The form to be signed upon appointment can be found here. 

This form requires Appointees to:

  • Acknowledge receipt of the Governor’s Code of Ethics;
  • Acknowledge reading the Governor’s Code of Ethics;
  • Certify compliance with the terms of the Governor’s Code of Ethics or request a waiver as set forth in the Code of Ethics; and
  • Agree to deliver a certificate of good standing from the Department of Tax should a question of good standing with respect to tax obligations arise.    

Most board and commission members serve at the pleasure of the Governor, meaning they may be removed at any time.  Board and commission members who may only be removable for cause may be removed for violating  the Governor’s Code of Ethics.

Most volunteers who are not otherwise receiving a state salary for board or commission service will be eligible to receive a per diem of at least $50 per day for their service.

Members of boards and commissions who receive compensation of more than $30,000.00 per year may be required to authorize release of criminal record history and tax records to the Vermont Department of Human Resources as a condition of appointment.


Applications for positions on boards and commissions will be made public upon receipt of a public records request, however all records that could be deemed to violate an applicant’s right to privacy in their personal or economic pursuits or otherwise be exempt from disclosure under the public records law as a personal document or for the purpose of maintaining personal security, will be withheld as confidential.  Personal phone numbers, street addresses and email addresses will be withheld. 

A Good Standing Certificate issued by the Tax Department, if requested, will be deemed to be confidential, as will information from a criminal conviction record. 

Boards and Commissions

Click on a specific board or commission below for more information on the more than 180 boards and commissions and to view current membership.